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Rheinsteig Adventure

Walking on the Rheinsteig an adventure for the whole family. The starting point for hikes in Vollrads castle angle (district of Oestrich-angle) You are already just on the "Rheinsteig".

It can take some interesting day trips to near and on the "Rheinsteig" right direction Bad Schwalbach, or left to wander towards Rudesheim.


Hike through Schloss Johannisberg, Abbey St. Hildegard to the Niederwald Monument, Rüdesheim.

Or complete the "Rheinsteig" from Castle Vollrads Ansbachtal, Johannisberg, on the house over to Sand Neugebauer, head to the "Philosopher" down toward Marienthal monastery then on the Antonio convent chapel after Notgottes. From here out to the Abbey of St. Hildegard, and further to the Niederwald Monument.

Maybe the cable car to Rudesheim and the ORN bus or on the Rhine to the starting point.

Walk through the castle Vollrads district Hallgarten to Kloster Eberbach, Kiedrich and Eltville.

Again, we go from lock Vollrads back on the "Rheinsteig" according to the borough of Hallgarten. Then we reach the monastery Eberbach bals. (Possible visit to the state domain Steinberg.
Kloster Eberbach, it is close to the
to get Kiedrich Gothic center.
About the Waldgaststätte noise we get
after Eltville.
Possibly with the ORN bus or along the banks of the Rhine back the starting point.
Hike to the Monastery Marienthal.
Walk back from the castle on the Rhine Vollrads gate.
By Ansbachtal the clubhouse over to the high forest. At the high forest, we left the Rhine and go climb a little bit
back and then keep us on the right edge of the forest. Follow this path until you reach the road
Johannisberg Stephanshausen. After the war memorial, we go the county road about 100 meters and cross the road to the forest road to Marienthal. For the return, we take the Mühlenweg. Go up and go to Johannisberg reason the frog fountain beneath Schloss Johannisberg back to the starting point.